NE - New Entrant Training Program

This course, along with your portfolio of evidence, will prepare you to complete the CCN1 assessment and embark on further training to expand on this domestic qualification.

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For new entrants to the gas industry we offer New Entrant training which provides you with the basic qualification you need to begin work as a Gas Engineer. This programme includes 14 days of classroom and workshop training underpinned by assessments and a portfolio of evidence (specific to gas) which you would be required to complete on-site (externally to the training centre).

What you do from there depends on the kind of work you’d be looking to do. Generally we run Domestic, Commercial and Catering courses and within each of those categories there are many different appliances and combinations. Please take a moment to look at our individual courses within your chosen category to get a fuller idea of what each qualification enables you to do.

For each category you require a core (CCN1 for domestic, COCN1 for Commercial Heating and CCCN1 for Commercial Catering) however once you hold the domestic core, for example, it is possible to complete changeover assessments to expand into commercial heating/catering.

The price for this course depends on the combination of cores/assessments you wish to undertake and you can see these prices (initial assessments) within each assessment in our courses section.

Before deciding to embark on this course, please do give us a call to discuss your requirements and to discuss further what the course entails.

Upon completion of this training you are ready to complete the CCN1 assessment. If you wish to attain commercial or other qualifications then upon completion of New Entrant training you should book onto the relevant training for your chosen category.

As a new entrant you will be required to attend our appliance training for 1 or 2 days, depending on the appliances you have chosen, before you progress onto your Domestic Appliance Assessments.

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