Training is available for all of the domestic appliances for which we offer assessment. Appliance assessment is booking per day and you will need to book 1 day for every 2 appliances you wish to have training on. (CENWAT is considered to be 2 appliances)

For example, if you are completing, what we at the centre call Core and Four, then you will need to book 2 days appliances training; 1 day to complete CENWAT training and 1 day to complete HTR and CKR Training.

Which particular training you complete on which particular day is at the discretion of your experienced trainer.

Should, after the designated time, you feel that you would benefit from additional training before completing your assessment then this can be discussed in-centre; we want to make sure that you are confident going into the assessments that you fully understand what is going to be asked of you.

Who this course is for:

  • Current gas engineers who wish to expand on current domestic appliances
  • New entrants to gas